Monday, October 30, 2006

Never Get Between an Actor and Her Food

This is conventional wisdom at play openings and other events where theater and non-theater people mingle. First, the actors not involved in the production get to swarm the buffet. By the time they are done, the actors that were on stage have shed their stage personae and are ready to feast on the still ample vittles. Only when ALL actors have piled their plates with cheese, fruit, and on certain charmed nights, a magnificent guacamole, and are noisily slurping the free wine, then those who have come out to spend their money, time, and love on the theater may partake of the meal. No nature program could compare to a bunch of actors around a chafing dish


Giant Lepton said...

Never get between a wedding band musician and his cocktail hour... I suppose this modus operandi is something all performers have in common. I like the little hot dogs and the cheap gin and tonics. I occasionally engage myself in sesame chicken on a stick and really like the spinach rolls. When the pepper jack cheese isn't hard and crusty from being left out for hours, I eat some of that too.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if it is 'her' food, she isn't an actor but rather an actress.

The Bunny said...

I feel the term 'actress' is archaic. You wouldn't say 'doctress', would you?