Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Common Misconceptions about Actors.

Myth #1: Surely, you would have dressed up for Halloween because you're an ACTOR!

TRUTH: Since actors spend much of their time in costumes, wigs, and make-up, it is completely unnecessary to do so at the office of 'the day job'. If there were a party to go to, that is one thing. Entertaining co-workers, however, is just not high on the 'to-do' list when I haven't seen the surface of my desk in two weeks.

Myth #2: I am certain you will come up an adorable skit for the presentation because you're an ACTOR!

TRUTH: Acting does not magically grant you writing skills, nor does it give you the constant urge to pretend you are working in a theater when you are, in realty, at an AC distributor. If you want an 'adorable skit', ask the girl with the precious moments calendar to do it.

Myth #3: You must love public speaking, since it puts you in the center of attention, because you're an ACTOR!

TRUTH: I'm not even going to get into this one. Just know it's wrong.

What it come down to is this: When I am on a stage, I act. I love it. It's what I want to do full time. However, I do not feel the need to 'be on' every minute of the day. I do not need to be adored, stared at, or praised constantly by the masses. And I am not alone in this. Actors are not exotic vessels for a specific personality type. Most I know do not crave attention off stage, 'drama' (whatever that is), or exhorbanent wealth or fame. I know a few who would like groupies, but I know computer geeks with similar fantasies. Actors are just people. Spread the word.


Giant Lepton said...

I concur. Good idea for a post. I stole it.

annulla said...

I didn't even know there was a theatre scene in your part of the world. I love learning new things.

The Bunny said...

I suppose my next post should be 'Common Misconceptions about the South'.